Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment | Katy, TX

Neck pain can be cause by many malfunctions in the body including but not limited to the following:

Muscle – Almost everyone will experience muscle pain in the neck at some point in their lives, this can be from sports to motor vehicle accidents. Even something as simple as sleeping can cause you to wake up with muscle pain. This type of pain is not generally serious and will clear up with 1-2 treatments of physical medicine and Chiropractic care. General maintenance care will prevent this pain from happening in the first place. Posture, exercise, sleep, ergonomics can also affect your neck muscles and can be addressed by Dr. Ramsey during your visit.

Nerve – Nerve pain will happen to about 50% of the general public. In most cases, the nerve is fine but the disc material will push against the exiting nerve from your spine and cause pain to travel from the neck to and down your arm. In some cases, neck pain in not a symptom. Other symptoms include numbness in the fingers or weakness in the muscles of the arms and hands. Physical medicine and Chiropractic care will help or cure many of these cases. Other treatments that can be performed may include traction and/or decompression. An MRI is essential in confirming this type of pain pattern.

Bone – Most bone pain will be associated with a fracture, osteophyte formation (bone spur) and or arthritis. Many older patients will have more stiffness than pain if arthritis is suspected. Some patients will have restricted segments of the spine that will need to be adjusted by Dr. Ramsey, you will hear an audible “pop”. This will be very gentle with no pain. You will then be able to move more freely with less pain. Regular Adjustments will help prevent or slow the aging process and allow you to move freely. Pathology/Infection – Most patients will not fall into this category. Dr. Ramsey has many years of experience to detect any red flags that may be associated with a severe and serious neck condition.

Neck Pain Q & A

Is adjustment of the neck the only way to help with a stiff neck?

Dr. Shamoiel uses a variety of treatments on the cervical spine and the muscles associated with those vertebrae. Treatment options include nerve alignment using a gentle pressure. It may also include massage so that muscles relax and allow the bones to go back into alignment. Physical manipulation is also an option, but it is not the only way to treat neck pain. When vertebrae are out of alignment their realignment can occur using pressure. Dr. Shamoiel always begins with a thorough diagnosis and explains to patients all of the options available to them. By doing so, he reduces patient stress while allowing them to participate in their own care.

Can neck pain be caused by sitting for too long?

Yes. Some forms of neck pain can be attributed to poor posture and to sitting for long periods of time. That is mostly true when the head is forward and the eyes are facing down. Ergonomics is a proactive way to help prevent neck pain from occurring. Posture training is also a proactive way to reduce the strain on your neck so that there are fewer painful episodes.

What are the causes of neck pain?

Neck pain occurs because of nerve pressure or injury, muscle tension, trigger points, stress, poor posture, whiplash injuries, and injuries associated with automobile accidents. Sometimes the cause is a direct result of a single incident such as a car accident. At other times, neck pain might result from many different issues, such as poor posture and stress. Because of the wide array of potential causes, Dr. Ramsey starts with a thorough diagnosis which includes a lifestyle assessment. Dr. Ramsey believes that by treating all of the causes of health-related issues, such as a sore neck, that patients live a higher quality of life than when only the symptoms are treated.